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5 Packing Tips to Keep Your Stuff Safe from Damage When You Travel Abroad


When you travel abroad, it surely isn’t easy to prepare for the things you’ll bring with you. Packing stuff is actually one of the biggest struggles that travellers experience. There are many things to consider to know what to bring and what to leave at home. Another challenge is to keep them safe as you pack them before you leave and to make sure that they’re safe and secure when you’ve already left your country.

To help you with that, here are 7 simple tips for you to consider when packing your stuff so that you’ll be worry-free as their safety and security are not at risk:

[1] Tightly Seal Capped Containers

Tightly Seal Capped Containers

If you have any capped or lidded container, bottle or box inside your travel bag which, when opened, might leak or spill liquids, make sure that they are surely sealed tightly. Don’t be satisfied with a regular, worryless way of capping them off because you might not be able to do it well.

If those kinds of stuff won’t be properly closed, some or most of other things, such as clothes, towels and even documents will get wet, stained and dirty. Double checking to know if they’re sealed well won’t hurt, and it will keep your other stuff safe from getting dirtied and damaged.

[2] Wrap Fragile Objects

Wrap Fragile Objects

In case you’ll be necessarily bringing some fragile objects like ceramics, mirrors and some favorable-size appliances (in cases that the airport or the shipport will allow), don’t forget to wrap them using cloths, newspapers or bubble wraps. In that way, you’ll be able to protect them and prevent breaking. You’ll arrive at your destination safely with your safe, whole and complete stuff.

[3] Just Wear If Needed

Just Wear If Needed

If there are things, clothes or accessories you’re worrying about when put inside your travel bag, then don’t place them there anymore; wear them instead. In that way, you’ll be at peace that they’re not getting cracked or shattered in your bag.

[4] Use Bag Pockets

Use Bag Pockets

Sometimes, pockets are unused and are left as displays and worthless portions of a bag, but the truth is they’re so important! They might be little, but they’re useful. Make use of pockets on your travel bags.

There might be little things you need to separate from other big stuff so that you’ll easily see and get them when you need them, and pockets are the best locations to place them. Also, if you put those minute or regular size object in pockets, they’re safe from getting smashed and broken.

[5] A Bag With Your Valuables

A Bag With Your Valuables

Valuables might include your wallet, cell phone, cameras and others. Because they’re “valued”, you should not pack them together with stuff you won’t usually need. You must prepare a separate bag or bags for them. Why? First, your important things, which include gadgets, won’t get crushed unlike if they’re packed with other big things. And second, you’ll have them with you, thus, you’ll be more assured that your stuff are not getting damaged. If there’s a bag for them, it’ll be easier for you to check on them and to fix them if needed.

There you go! 5 simple packing tips to make sure that your valuable stuff are safe and secure as you travel abroad. It is such an ease to know that you can peacefully relax inside the airplane or ship while you are certain that all the stuff in your travel bags are protected.

Don’t forget that you must be safe, so as your stuff. Keep in mind, with hope, that you’ll safely arrive at your destination with the things you want to bring and if needed, you’ll safely get them back home.

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