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5 Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

5 Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of companies are making mistakes with their online marketing techniques. They are basically either relying on faulty techniques or not using correct strategies to market their brand in the digital world. Naturally, this will have ramifications with impact on the conversions, ROI, sales and revenue. To avoid all this, a business should first look to understand its requirements, then chalk out marketing plans, select channels and modes and then execute its plans better. Being strategic and true to requirement is perhaps the only way to minimize those mistakes with digital marketing and achieve true potential of the business.

Here are 5 online marketing mistakes to avoid –

  1. Not defining the target audience

All your digital marketing efforts would go to waste if you did not employ them in pursuance of a right target audience. It’s important to know key data about the customers including their demographics, preferences, online behaviour etc. before launching the marketing initiative. A brand must first look to create buyer personas with a close analysis of the target’s motivations and objectives. Once you know the audience better, it will help your business pitch them correctly and boost chances of conversions for your online marketing strategies. So, don’t launch your marketing campaign unless you’re sure about the target audience.

  1. Not optimizing the website for mobile

Mobile and smartphones have long overtaken desktops and PCs in terms of being the first preference of buyers for online purchase. Sadly, most brands continue to live in illusion by ignoring to focus on the mobile audience. They make a huge blunder of not optimizing their site for mobile despite knowing that even search engines like Google give preference to those sites. Your business can have its website optimized for smartphones and start giving excellent user experiences to the audience. So, avoid this big mistake and fix your marketing strategy to fetch great results and superior returns.

  1. Lacking the correct content strategy

Most brands lack a coherent content strategy and think that only producing content in plenty is sufficient to improve rankings, visibility and catch customer attention. Well, this won’t work, and you need to have a right content distribution and publishing strategy in place that considers customer’s profile and then target them specifically. The content you produce must cater to the doubts and questions of the potential customers, solve their problems, enrich them, inform them and if possible, add value to them. And yes, apart from digital platforms, you must also share the content across social networks to reach a wider audience easily.

  1. Too much reliance on paid ads

Some brands over-spend on Facebook ads, PPC and Google ads in the hope of getting instant returns with their online marketing. This strategy may not work all the time for two reasons – first, customers generally dislike heavy-duty advertisement and second, paid marketing needn’t always be effective. It’s true that paid ads can with quick and targeted results, but their bang-bang nature can also upset your potential customers. On the other hand, organic way of marketing works wonders slowly yet surely, and its effects are for long term. So, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and rather look to deliver value to customers.

  1. Overlooking analytics

A good number of companies overlook analytics despite putting in right foot forward with their online marketing. Thus, they are bound to lack clarity on the performance of their ads and campaigns. Not considering analytics means a business will not be able to know measurable results and metrices like conversions, visitors to a site, cost etc. That’s why you can hire a top SEO company India and avoid all those mistakes with online marketing.



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