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5 Fantastic Benefits of Using Self-Tanning Products

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Sun-kissed tan is the dream. Summer grants us the opportunity to enjoy the short months of sunshine and flaunt our flawless skin tone. However, the natural tan quickly fades away and in just a few weeks you are again your pale self. Fortunately, there is a way you can have a bronze tan all year long. There are three ways, actually and they are using tanning bad, having a spray tan treatment and use self-tanning products at home. This text is about the only reasonable option – using self-tanning products at home. And here is why.

First of all, using a tanning bed is not safe for your health. The tanning bed works as a huge capsule full with lights that emit UV rays that artificially tan your skin. The time of exposure is short – a minute or two during the first appointment and with each next treatment, the number of minutes is increasing. Even though many of solarium own promise that it is completely safe to use their tanning bed, the dermatologists strongly disagree.

In addition, you can get a severe rash or itching that mimics the symptoms of serious sunburns. In the worst cases, it can lead to the development of skin cancer.

Secondly, having a spray tan appointment means having to make a booking at a salon, be there on time, pay extra for the service and waste lots of time. Also, it is usually much more expensive to have your tanning at a salon than at home.

Now, why should you choose the self-tanning at home option?

Well, the benefits are numerous.

Convenient and Less Expensive

You can do it whenever you feel like it and for far less money. You just need to buy the best spray tan in the shape of a mousse, lotion, cream or drops and decide when to apply it. Keep in mind though that you need to exfoliate your body before applying the self-tanning product of choice and to depilate the hairs off your arms, legs and armpits.

Moisturising and Nourishing

The self-tanning products contain ingredients that provide all the necessary nutrients to the skin, making it firm, flexible and healthy. Choose quality tanning products that contain lots of natural ingredients, botanicals and essential oils and you can rest assured that you will not only rock a lush tan but also will have moisturised and youthful-looking skin.

Easy to Use

There is no hassle when doing your self-tanning process. You need a mitt to apply the product with, and some rugs on the flooring not to make a mess. You start from your legs, continuing to the torso, arms and ending with the face. Be careful with the elbows, knees and ankles as these places are drier and will soak more of the tanning product. So, it is better to use the excess on the mitt for these parts. For the face, use a face tanning product or transform your face moisturiser into a tanning product with some tanning drops because the skin on the face seeks special care.

After you finish with the application, relax in a cool room, avoid perspiration and after the instructed time take a shower to take off what’s left of the product. You will be amazed how, in just a few, hours, you’ll have the bronze tan you always wanted.

No Orange Colour, No Funny Smell, No Streaks

The new self-tanning formulas are improved and the orange colour, the strong and funny smell of the skin as well as the numerous streaks across the body are left in the past. Today’s self-tanning products are just like moisturisers, they promote the nourishment of the skin and make it darker. That is a real dream come true.

Taking It Off Is Also Easy

With tanning removal mousses you can easily remove and exfoliate your skin if you don’t want the tan anymore.  These mousses are similar to the cosmetic products you use in the bath, so your skin won’t be subjected to some unfamiliar ingredients that may harm it. Quite the contrary, they also have natural ingredients that promote the health of your skin.

The Tan is Long-Lasting

The best part is that the tan lasts. And you don’t have to worry about using the whole product in one application. Usually, these tanning products are for multiple uses so it is safe to say that self-tanning really pays off.