Wildflower Photography Tips

4 Advanced Wildflower Photography Tips to Follow before Setting out for Chengdu



As winter slowly starts bidding goodbye, the new leaves welcome spring. The season is ideal to see nature’s bounty in every place. And if you are planning to fly down to China, you are in safe hands. Sichuan province is blessed with the paradise of endemic flower species. So, witnessing the beauty with your own eyes is never enough. You would always want to capture the moment and save it forever. Walking around the diverse lands and beautiful meadows, the flower watching trip is indeed a rewarding experience.

During your journey, you will acquaint yourself with the rare plants, local flavor, and many native animals. You can already see yourself carry the camera and tripod in the wild stretches, don’t you? But, this time, you want to try your hands on something different. You would like to improve skills and master at the art of wildflower photography. Follow the below tips and prepare yourself for achieving the fruitful result.

Set Your Hands on Floral Portraits

Creative flower photography has different challenges while making the composition. Is it better to put all the flowers in one frame or go with one flower? The choice is up to you because you are the one to visualize the photographs as portraits. Yes, the whole task is similar to portrait photography. Petals are the most attractive part of the flowers. Apart from this technique, the rule of thirds can also be followed. Keep the subject in the intersections of the grid-line. In this way, you will have a balanced image.

Think Different, Get Unique Perspectives

How many photographs have you come across where the photo is taken from too close or simply far away? The common angles produce only boring shots. If you decide to take from a higher angle, you will be shooting from butterfly’s view. Now, it may get boring because it is very convenient. Going outside of your comfort zone, think of an insect’s point of view. Go low and get very close to the ground. If you want to stay clean in the middle of the task, bring a rug or mat. However, staying close to nature will add adventurous quotient.

Crop Wisely if Needed

Cropping can be fun and dangerous at the same time. It can put off the appeal when the cropping looks too straightforward. For example, do not crop out the petal tips for the background or any other reason. This may come off as too direct and intentional. Focus on the natural aspect. You can set the focus right into the center and cut off the petal edges. At this moment, you may try ‘fill the frame’ technique. Just pick one flower and fill the frame in one shot.

Diagonal Angle for Dynamic Shot

Try tilting the camera and get a dynamic view during China flower watching trip. It also goes with general photography regardless of which subject you are choosing. When a photograph does not exactly have a literal horizon, it is smart to use the elements. These components run diagonally at this time. In addition to the context, when you are capturing the intertwined leaves going up, it may appear as static. Here, you may capture the photographs diagonally for getting an impressive look. Again, you can repeat the elements for maintaining harmony in the frame. Small depth of field can create a beautiful blurring background as you focus on side shots.

So, are you ready to pull off the above-mentioned tips? The tricks are not exactly for the beginners but they are not hard to follow. While enjoying the flower tours to the core, don’t forget to focus on these tips.

Author bio: John Swan, an active travel blogger with different posts, has recently published an article on how to organize the China flower watching trip. Here, he mentions the advanced tips on wildflower photography.