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33 Tips for a Bride Planning Her Own Wedding

Undoubtedly, planning your own wedding can be a bit overwhelming, frustrating and a little bit tiring. you are occupied with millions of things like meeting with vendors, taking endless important decisions, meeting deadlines and on top of that dealing with wedding jitters.

If you want to save yourself from all the stress and enjoy your last days of being single then it is highly suggested that you hire expert services of event planner Indianapolis IN at feasible rates.

However, if you intend to plan your wedding yourself, follow these useful tips!

Tip#1: Set Your Budget

It is one of the most important things that you should tackle while you start planning your own wedding.  Take a good look at your finances and then plan your budget accordingly.

Tip#2: List of Priorities

Set your list of priorities for your wedding. Discuss with your soon husband to be what three things you want to be the high light of your wedding? And then keep them on the main priority list.

Tip#3: Find Inspiration

Finalize your wedding day look. What do you want yourself to look like? What style do you want to adorn? Search on the Internet and all social media platforms.

Tip#4: Work as A-Team

It is highly suggested that you work as a team with your fiancé and make your wedding an event to remember.

Tip#5: Limit Your Options

Don’t get distracted and just focus on your wedding style and theme.

Tip#6: Wedding Planning Book

Get yourself a wedding planning book and write down all the details in it about your wedding checklist, advice, styles, timelines, and deadlines.

Tip#7: Organize Yourself

Organize all of your notes, checklists, budget in one place or in some app like word, excel or google docs.

Tip#8: Master Checklist

Make one master checklist. you can find many examples online. Find one that best suits your wedding.


It is highly advised not to rush into any decision. Don’t book the first cake artist, florist or makeup artist you meet.

Tip#10: Timeframe

Choose the ideal wedding date with you to be husband. Decide whether you want spring wedding or winter one.

Tip#11: Wedding Website

Make your wedding website user-friendly where your guest can ask you questions.

Tip#12: Theme

Pick up a theme for your wedding and stick to it.

Tip#13: Onsite wedding

Have an onsite wedding at park, beaches or even in an open field.

Tip#14: Guest List

Sit down with your family and fiancé to create your guest list.

Tip#15: Choose Your Bridesmaid

It is suggested to choose your bridesmaid and groomsmen on your big day as they are your biggest support system.

Tip#16: Married Couples

Chat with a married couple. They may have some valuable tips, piece of advice for you.

Tip#17: Vendors

Hire those people to organize your wedding with whom you gel well.

Tip#18: Second Opinion

Compare quotes, estimates from at least 4 to 5 vendors before you finalizeone.

Tip#19: Contract

Read the contract that your vendors draw up carefully before signing.

Tip#20: Wedding & Honeymoon

Take time off between your wedding and honeymoon as planning both at the same time can be expensive.

Tip#21: Recruit Help

Assign some tasks to your family, friends and even fiancé to take some load off of you from wedding planning.

Tip#22: DIY Strategically

No doubt DIY is inexpensive and help you add personal touches to your wedding.

Tip#23: Social Media

Figure out your social media strategy whether you want to have a private affair that includes signage about an unplugged wedding or make hashtags on social media platforms.

Tip#24: Personal Touch

Incorporate some personal traditions in your wedding to make it more memorable.

Tip#25: Tradition

If certain traditions are not your style and make you feel uncomfortable then it is best to create your own.

Tip#26: Big Picture

Instead of fretting over a small issue like your table linens and color of flowers, focus on the big picture.

Tip#27: Legal

Get a marriage license before you walk down the aisle.If possible, hire expert services of event management in Indianapolis in at cost-effective rates.

Tip#28: Set Up

Check with your venue staff when your vendors can come for set up.

Tip#29: Coordinator

Hire a professional to oversee the minute details can make a huge difference.

Tip#30: Events

Create a schedule of events when vendors will arrive, at what time will be cake cutting and all other details.

Tip#31: Time off

Before your wedding, take some time off with your fiancé.

Tip#32: Thanks

Give gifts to your wedding guests as a way of saying thanks.

Tip#33: Have Fun

Last but not least, try to have fun on your big day.



By John Reeves

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