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3 Types of Aluminium Sign that You Need to Know

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Have you decided using the custom aluminum sign as your business signage? Do you have already an idea on what would you want your signage to look like? If your answer is no, then probably you need to know first the type of aluminum signage you should pick so that your expectation on the output will be achieved.  By taking a look with the features, advantage, disadvantage, and much information that the specific type of aluminum, you will likely get an idea on which among these suits your taste.

True to all 100% aluminum, it is excellent regarding durability and affordability.  It is rot-proof, scratch resistant and waterproof, mainly when used in outdoors. It can be cut to any shape that makes it easy to work on; thus, it does not lose its form or style.  

The versatility of this material makes it highly attractive to business owners for stunning signage option.  Even municipalities and other organizations have used this for different purposes. It makes it a popular choice for both indoors and outdoors already.  

So, to add variety with the signage you need, these are the types of aluminum signs that you need to know:

1. Standard Aluminum Signage

It is a primary aluminum material.  It has the least high price among the three, which makes this popular in affordable signage solution.  All standard aluminum signs are pre-painted with coil coated white paint on both sides. Because of this, it makes it easier directly print all the images and designs on the surface of the aluminum.  By this, it allows the custom aluminum signs to play with different designs and colors.

Additionally, the feature it has is semi-glossy.  Despite this, whenever printed, it will have a matte outcome.   It is not the silver or metallic color as you expect it to be but thick enough as many applications have used this.

The standard aluminum signs are composed of polyethylene or light plastic core sandwiched.  It is called e-panel. It is also durable. It offers cleaner edges and aesthetically pleasing than a single sheet of aluminum with 2mm thick.  Its lightweight makes it extremely portable option.

2. Brushed Aluminum Signage

This aluminum is aesthetically pleasing.  It is a polished-metal sign in the silver color.  Many people appreciated its classic metallic appearance.  It is thicker than the standard aluminum signage – specifically, 3mm thick.  Still, it is weather resistant.

In contrast to standard aluminum sign, it is not pre-painted with coil coated white paint.  But, it is natural aluminum that is brushed white which create a matte aluminum look. It can stay longer for more than five years.

Where does this type of aluminum be likely displayed? It can work well for lobbies or as directional and way finding signage inside your business area.  It is because it looks decent and impressive just like what you have seen in most hotel signage. The brushed aluminum sign is an excellent solution for the business’s logo in the lobby with its name, or room number, or indicating direction.  Most likely, it is simple but has professional looks that will surely make employees, guest, and customers to have a great impression towards your business’s place ambiance.  

3. Reflective Aluminum Signage  

By the name per se, it adds visibility in the dark due to the reflective properties that the aluminum has especially when light shines on the surface of the sign.  Whenever you pick to use this, the design of the signage will not be printed directly on the aluminum; instead, the plan will be produced on a unique reflective vinyl overlay, and after such, it will be stick to the surface of the aluminum.

The first overlay has a composition of a glass bead layer that allows the printed design to reflect without distorting or blurring your design.  It is used in both indoor and outdoor depending on the purpose of the signage. It has five years and more as its lifespan if properly cared.


Picking the material that satisfies your motives in using custom aluminum signage should be decided carefully.  Since you have opted in using one for your business, why not make it to the fullest? Whichever you will pick, make sure it best fits your business’ purpose and nature so that it will be used efficiently.