14 Clever Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Home Decor

No matter how much space we have in our homes, we always feel we need more of it. People living in small flats are even more in need of additional storage but the question is how to it. Luckily, these tricks will help you get more storage space and make your home look bigger no matter how small it is.

1. Place a mirror in the right spot

In case your home is looking over a lake, a river, a forest or a park, use this advantage. Place a big mirror so that it reflects the view from the outside. It will instantly make the room feel bigger.
Place a mirror

2. Storage under the stairs

At least two steps of stairs can be turned into storage. they can serve as big drawers where you can keep extra blankets, linen and pillows. And no one will know besides you!

3. Use the high ceiling

Maybe you have a small home but you’re blessed with a high ceiling. Use it to turn it into an additional sleeping area (like a bunk bed) or storage space. Whatever you choose to do with the higher part of the wall will make the room look larger and you’ll manage to put it to good use.

4. Wall-mounted ironing board

This trick is especially useful for small flats that need every inch of space. Wherever you choose to mount the board, let it be somewhere you’ll have enough room to actually use it when you fold it down. When you’re done, simply fold it up again.

5. Use the bunk bed

In case your kids sleep in a bunk bed, you can also put it to good use to get more storage space. Find a bunk bed that has a built-in bookcase so there won’t be a need for a big shelf in the room.
Use the bunk bed

6. Ottoman as storage

There are ottomans you can buy that provide storage for books, blankets, and pillows or whatever you need it for. It’s completely invisible to others, very functional and easily accessible.

7. Play with light

Carefully used light can make a room look larger. That’s why you should install different types of lighting in a room to add height to it and to light every corner. Add a dimmer effect, too, but also high and low lighting to brighten up every angle, corner and focus elements.

8. Multi-purpose kitchen island

If you are planning to redecorate the kitchen, look for a kitchen island that also contains hidden shelving where you can keep cookbooks, nice glasses or decorative items.
Multi-purpose kitchen island

9. Find your pet a place

There’s always trouble with placing your pet’s food and sleeping pillow but if you have a place under the stairs, no need to worry anymore. Create a pet nook under the stairs. You can even add a hidden drawer where you’ll keep your pet’s treats.

10. Bigger and multi-functional furniture

This is especially important if you live in a small flat and you need every inch of it. It may seem odd, but you should choose big furniture for your small flat and stick to a fewer number of furniture pieces. Piling up a lot of small items around your home will only make it look crowded, so get rid of extra things with the help of professional companies like Kyle Bay removals that will keep them for you. You, on the other hand, focus on the big furniture that offers multiple uses.

11. Choose neutral colors

Subtle, calming tones on the walls but also of the furniture will make the whole room brighter and bigger. Dark colors tend to close up space and make it feel claustrophobic.

12. Add glass

Wherever you can, switch to glass. Remove some walls and doors and install glass there, enlarge your windows – this will enlarge your rooms and make the whole space open and inviting.

13. Control yourself

Many of us have the habit to display every memory, picture and decorative item for everybody to see. Try to stick to just a few items and occasionally change them. You will still have a decorated room but you won’t go overboard with the details.

14. Organize your bathroom

A bathroom is a place where we keep lots of toiletries and makeup, so it’s normal it can get too crowded. Don’t leave bathroom items and toiletries piling up. Carve out a piece of the wall where you will put a storage cabinet and put a mirror over it. It will make the bathroom look bigger but you will also create more storage for your toiletries and hide them from plain sight.

All in all

As you can see, it’s not impossible to create more space in a home, no matter what its limitations are. A couple of smart tricks and – voila! You got yourself a home that looks bigger and offers more storage space.