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11 Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Damage-Free This Summer

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s the perfect time to stash your sweaters, jackets, and boots, and walk under the sun in your light and flowy floral maxi dress and skimpy tops and bottoms. It’s also the best season to say goodbye to your winter-induced dry and dull complexion and say hello to the sun-kissed skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Just don’t forget that summer comes with its own set of challenges for your skin. Think about those painful and unsightly sunburns, fine lines, dryness, and age spots associated with the harsh summer heat.

To keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long, here are 11 skin care tips to remember by heart.

  1. Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily (rain or shine)

Sunscreen is not just a must-have for beach getaways – it’s a necessity for everyday use.

One bright, hot, and cloudless afternoon is enough to burn you out. Even if it’s cloudy, the moment you step out of your home (even when you’re just inside a car) and light hits you, you become exposed to damage. That said, it’s crucial to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day for protection against UVA and UVB rays

Reapply at least every 2 hours. If you want to cut down your skin care regime, you may use a moisturizer with SPF. Protecting your skin from the sun is more than just face aesthetics – it’s one way to prevent skin cancer too.

  1. Wear additional sun protection gear

Amp up your protection measure this summer by wearing or using gears designed for sun protection. Don’t hesitate to open up your umbrella, wear a stylish hat, and put on UV-blocking sunglasses when going out, especially during the sun’s peak hours (10 am to 2 pm).

If your skin is sensitive and/or susceptible to sun damage and even skin cancer, it’s important to cover up exposed areas in the body. Wear sleeves and pants. Opt for a fashion-forward rash guard when going to the beach.

  1. Soothe sunburns with aloe vera

Got sunburned? This “wonder plant” truly does wonders for your skin, especially when it’s red and inflamed.

Aloe vera is hailed for its ability to soothe and relieve sunburns. If you don’t have a fresh plant in your backyard for its shoot extract, bottled aloe vera gels would do. It also works for making sun-damaged hair smoother and silkier.

  1. Take cool baths

Summer is the perfect time to skip water heaters and take cool baths. After all, hot water is notorious for drying out and damaging the skin. Apply moisturizer on damp skin right after taking a shower, and wear light and loose clothing.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Next to dry skin and dark circles, internal dehydration is the reason why you get headaches and dizzy spells during hot seasons. Besides, when the weather is this hot, it’s impossible for you not to reach for a cold bottle of water.

Note: if you’re a lover of caffeinated beverages and sodium-packed chips and instant noodles, you need to triple the amount of water you intake. That’s an order.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip moisturizer. Hot and humid weather could dry out your skin big time, so you need to keep it hydrated. Seal in moisture using creamy body lotions with SPF.

For the face, switch to something more lightweight. You may skip moisturizer during the AM but don’t forget to slather at night post-cleansing. You can also add a hydrating face mask to your routine.

  1. Exfoliate your face and body

Exfoliation is a must to keep your skin radiant this summer, as it clogs with sunscreen, sweat, dirt, oil, and dead skin from dehydration. Use a gentle face scrub every week. After exfoliating, follow with a moisturizer.

Do the same for your body too, especially on your arms and legs. Try a soothing body scrub or a gentle brush to keep it looking rejuvenated all summer long. Apply a good hydrating body lotion to seal in moisture.

  1. Mattify your oily skin with a face mask

Skin tends to look oilier during the summer. And you know what that means – more chances of getting acne. To reduce the shine while keeping your skin moisturized, add a mattifying face mask to your skincare regimen this season. This will help draw out the build-up of dirt and oil, impurities, and the appearance of shine.

  1. Use gentle, minimal makeup

Summer is probably the best season to skip makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Additionally, your skin needs to breathe when the weather is hot and humid.

But if you can’t go completely bare-faced, make sure to use light and gentle makeup. Swap your foundation for tinted moisturizers with SPF, BB creams, or CC creams which add color and coverage while protecting your skin from the sun.

  1. Don’t forget your lips

The cold season, which may have caused chapping lips, is gone but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lay-low on lip care. The next time you buy a lip balm, make sure to go for the ones formulated with SPF to protect your pout from the sun.

  1. Eat healthy foods for your skin

Munch on foods loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important for keeping the skin supple and moisturized:

  • Essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) for moisture: Fatty fishes like salmon, sardines, and mackerel, avocado, walnut, flaxseeds, and olive oil.
  • Vitamin C for sun protection: bell peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, papaya, greens, and Brussel sprouts.
  • Vitamin E for skin health boost: Olives, spinach, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils.
  • Other antioxidants for healthy cells: berries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, sweet potatoes and beans.



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