June 23, 2021


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10 Tips to Take Care of Your Wallet


Amidst all our daily essentials, wallets are the most used ones. These tiny cards and money holders can soon wear & tear due to the duration of their usage. Thus, a dire need to take care of these wallets increases ferociously.

Since wallets are highly convenient, no one wants them to wear out before time. That is why these ten tips will help you in increasing their longevity and freshness.

What are the top 10 ways to care for your wallet?

Keep away from water.

Although light splashes of water may not damage your wallet, continuous exposure might do. Especially if you own a leather wallet, you may have to abstain from water to keep its quality intact.

Clean it thoroughly

We all know that wallets are the most used daily essential. Although you may not detect dirt on your wallet at first, it may soon become unclean. Light cleaning with a damp cloth weekly can save you from using a dirty wallet every day.

Practice caution wherever you sit

Many men tend to sit on their wallets unintentionally. Such mistakes may not yield poor results right away, but they will, in time. Practising caution before you sit anywhere will help you ensure the quality of your wallet. So, instead of keeping your wallet in the back pocket where it can be risky to store, try keeping it in the front one.

Keep perfumes and sanitisers at bay.

Most scented liquids do not go hand-in-hand with leather wallets. Even a drop of sanitiser or your favourite perfume can damage your wallet instantly. So, beware!

Do not overstuff them.

Overstuffing your wallet can cause extreme wear & tear sooner than ever. So, try to minimize stuffing your wallet as far as you can. Such a thing will prevent overstretching of the material.

Organize your cards neatly

You will be surprised at the amount of ‘useless’ cards you’ll stumble upon. You first need to lay everything out on a table and identify the crucial cards. Stuff only the essential and required ones if you wish to preserve your wallet.

Avoid dirty surfaces

Tossing your wallet onto dirty tables and chairs may also be a potential cause for wear & tear. If you want to avoid such a problem, make sure you pay attention to the surfaces where you keep them.

Clean your hands before you touch them

Cleaning your wallet weekly is not the only step you need to take towards keeping them spotless. Make sure that your hands are clean when you touch your wallet.

A wallet cover is always a good idea.

When the wallet is stored in the wardrobe, a wallet cover will prevent the dirt from accumulating on it. So, why not?

Consider a wallet liner.

Wallet liners are another impeccable way to preserve the quality of your wallet. Make sure you get your hands on one right away.

The bottom line

These were the best ways to take care of your wallet without any hindrance. Make sure to try them out now to increase the durability of your favourite wallets.